Why You Should Submit Your Site to a Quality Internet Directory

The watch words of any internet directory should be “quality of service”. Read on to find out this can help your business and website.

Submitting to internet directories helps build your back link power, improving your sites relevancy to its subject matter and category. Having third party sites link to you is good for your off page SEO or search engine optimisation strategy. Mastering this art is all important for the success of your site, its keyword relevancy and association.

When you list with an internet directory you should also look to submit articles to the same directory about yourself, providing you even more scope for building your advertising and public relations campaigns.

The directory should be human edited, priding itself on high standards of quality and integrity. This ensures listings are accurate, up to date and of good taste.

The system should ideally utilise a voting mechanism to aggregate review results, thereby capturing the global market sentiment. This all helps to build a buzz around you business or website, developing a customer conversation about you.

A web 2.0 shape to a directory will enable you to get ranked and rated by visitors. A good directory should allow users to review and comment on your products and services. Building on this functionality they should allow visitors to star rate your service offering. This facility ensures even the busy have time to provide an opinion.

You should require that the directory have the latest automated screen capture technology, complimenting and enticing potential visitors with a snapshot of your site.

Look for a comprehensive and growing category listing. If you feel a directory hasn’t got your niche covered, see if they have the ability to open up a new category for you.

Look for directories with a discursive quality, this will incorporates more authority in the eyes of Google, allowing visitors to talk about content and sites. This will continually provide the internet spiders content to crawl, and most importantly this content will be unique and of a third party opinion. With these features, a quality directory will provide depth and width to it’s service offering, continually adding value and relevancy to your site listing.

Don’t just look for the traditional link back to your site, seek more detail in a listing such as the ability to post your contact details, email address and telephone number. This will provide the maximum number of customer touch points possible, never forgetting users and visitors potential requirements. This feature incorporates the best of an old paper directory, something that is often forgotten by many internet directories.

Listing with an internet directory can be a highly effective piece of advertising. The directory should have quality look and feel, combined with its ease of user access, this will enable a fluid search and review process, helping visiting users find quickly and easily the services and content they are looking for.

Above all try and find a directory that is continually innovating and adding functionality to it’s platform. With a myriad of developments in the pipeline, a quality directory can offer a subscriber a continually improving product, helping you extract the most from the internet and your advertising strategy.

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